Protecting your shine 

After your car has undergone a thorough safe cleaning regime, full decontamination and had its paintwork corrected showing a clear vibrant shine with plenty of gloss.  It is very important to ensure it remains that way for as long as possible.

Differing types of protection are available on the market ranging from wax's to ceramics.


Most will already know that applying a layer of wax will aid in protecting from harmful UV rays and from contamination from bonding to the paints surface.  It has the ability to fill very minor surface defects and can give a deep wet look shine.

With many different varieties developed to suit differing paint types and colours.

Elemental car care carries a broad range of waxes and are happy recommend a particular type suitable for your particular paint.

Durable 3-6 months 


Polymer paint sealants have been around for quite a while, the majority of new car paint protection products are sealants.

They bond to the surface of fresh paint and corrected paint very well giving a longer durability to that of a conventional wax, whilst still delivering a great level of gloss and shine.  Sealants in general are less able to mask and fill very minor swirls.

When used in conjunction with a pre-polish the results are excellent.

Durable 6-12 months



A ceramic coating for the cars paintwork, and other surfaces, is a nano layer of glass (silica dioxide) which bonds to the paints surface semi permanently.  This 9h hard coating is very resistant to the damaging effects of the suns UV rays, environmental pollutants, bird lime and offers protection from chemicals from ph3 to ph11.

The coatings are extremely hydrophobic and cause water to bead and run readily from the surface of the paint.  This in turn makes it harder for contamination to bond and keeps the car cleaner for longer.

Ceramics aid in keeping your cars paint swirl free, only if correct safe wash methods are followed.

Durable for 2 years+

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