Paintwork correction

Price is dependent on the extent of the work required and charged at £20 per hour.

For any paintwork correction to take place on a car it is essential that the paintwork be cleaned, fully decontaminated and inspected.  


Paint enhancement 

Restores levels of gloss and shine. Single stage.

Minor correction

Very minor swirls and wash marring are removed, along with water marks and birdlime etchings.

Major correction

Very badly swirled paint with deeper scratches, can requires wet sanding and then several stages of progressive polishing.

The "Elemental" detail.

This Is not a quick process, each vehicle is fully assessed and quoted on an individual basis and then discussed with you.

We will require the vehicle for a minimum of five days ( sometimes more!!).

in that time we will use everything that we have available to "Clean Correct Shine Protect" to the highest level.

Pricing dependent on level of correction.

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