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Bringing the finest level of automotive cleaning and protection to you, convenience, quality and attention to detail.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from we tailor every valet to your individual requirements.  

mMobile throughout Hampshire.

A Bit About Us

 Mobile vehicle valets and detailing with a difference.  We do not offer a "menu", we offer a tailor made solution individual to your vehicle.

 All cars are different not only in size but also their paint types finish and their need for differing methods of cleaning, correction and protection.

We aim to provide a bespoke service focusing on your needs and that of your vehicle.....

Whilst we do have a basic pricing structure to indicate levels of service and treatments these aren't rigid and are entirely customisable.


Our process


Attention to Detail

Bringing quality car care to you.

Our mobile valeting services are tailored to your vehicles needs and your service expectations. Allowing us to deliver a bespoke service.

We follow the principle of minimum contact cleaning and drying, creating the safest level of vehicle cleaning possible.


Expert Service

Over time paintwork is subjected to harsh environmental conditions and often even harsher cleaning methods and chemicals.

Wash marring (swirls), bird lime and water mark etchings, minor scratches.  we can remove these from your paintwork, subject to inspection of paint.


Creating paintwork that pops and has a deep gloss and shine that turns heads.


Enhancing the paintwork of a car by hand or machine polishing with both polishes and glazes.


This can take the form of a traditional carnauba wax to a sealant all the way through to a ceramic coating.

All three types of protection have their own unique benefits  and we are able to advise the best solution for you depending on your needs.


Excellent service.  Alex did an brilliant job on my car.

Very thorough and such attention to detail.  Would definitely recommend .

Patsie Ruzewicz 


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